16/12/2012 Good news for Season 6 Merlin!


Unfortunately at 26th of November 2012, BBC announced that Merlin Season 5 will be the final season. There will be no further movies or spin offs of the TV series with the known cast. Shine and BBC have let us known they had wanted to continue, but neither the cast nor the producers were up for another season. They decided to stick to their 5 year plan and finish the series with a final two episodes airing on 22nd and 24th of December 2012.

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According to Claude Albouze, Production Director of Merlin in France: “There will certainly be a S6 of Merlin, it’s just a matter of negotiations because the first contract was signed for a period of five years and has to be renewed, he assures that both BBC and Shine absolutely want a S6 of Merlin, they want it desperately, they both want to continue the adventure”. They are just like us guys, they want a S6!

Source: French TV, Channel 3 news http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=03H_nk1ijvA&feature=share thanks to BJsRealm

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  • Mitzchelle Neally Morgan says:

    Now i waitin for merlin season 6.I wanna see arthur rises again.BBC …..please brings the new season……….

  • Splaze says:

    But we want a season 6, because we want to see when arthur raises again As the great Dragon Gilgara said ” Arthur is once and the future king ” Then arthur muss raise again and we want as well also season 7, 8. 9, and also 10 ! Pls Pls :)

  • Bryan says:

    I don’t know it seems that Greed sets it’s grips upon these Actors, Actresses and Producers anymore…They Don’t take pride in having a good on going series. They wonder why people are shying away from any type of series….It because they don’t want to get attached to only have it be cut short…

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      ChibiChiii says:

      I don’t think that is true Bryan, the Actors take great pride in their roles. You can see that from their interaction with the fans, Colin, Bradley and Katie are very enthusiastic when they meet Merlin fans. But from what I read in the Telegraph (British Newspaper) The main reason why there was no season 6 was because Julian and Johnny opened up their own new project: Atlantis.
      Other sources say that Bradley had some disagreement with the writers and therefor didn’t want to do another season. It’s all speculation as no real reason has been given. But I don’t think lack of pride in what they do is one of them. It’s sad that it ended, but let’s just smile cause it happened right?

  • AndyChriss says:

    I really want the 6th season… I loved the original way that S5 ended but…. Is way to sad… At least If we knew certainly… There will be a 6 or not? For now there is like 50/50 chances for the 6th…. At least that’s what I found on the internet. Hope to see it soon or at least see it someday.

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      ChibiChiii says:

      Many more fans are hoping for a 6th season. But I will be honest, the chances are very small. The Actors as well as the writers and producer from Merlin have all moved on to new projects. Johnny and Julian are working on Atlantis now, Colin is in Mojo, Katie stars in Dracula and will join Leading Ladies next. Angel is in Dancing on the Edge. So it will be difficult even if they wanted to find the time to do another season. You can always show your support though. At http://moremerlin.com you can sign a petition and join the hard working fans in their cause to bring back Merlin.

  • Jake says:

    please make another season! If you do I want to be a part of it! That would be so cool! If you read this make it so many lives will be happy!

  • unity says:

    i love the movie,when it first came to Nigeria every one went cray for it.it takes ur sorrow away when watch.pls Nigerians wants season 6.please………..

  • marlin says:

    Je trouve vraiment dommage car la série s’appelle “Merlin” et pas Arthur!!! On aimerait voir encore une saison 6, pour qu’elle nous donne la suite de la magie promise, l’avenir d’autres personnages et de Merlin bien entendu et peut-être, une conclusion un peu + heureuse!?

  • marlin says:

    Je trouve vraiment dommage car la série s’appelle “Merlin” et pas Arthur!!! On aimerait voir encore une saison 6, pour quelle nous donne la suite de la magie promise, l’avenir d’autres personnages et de Merlin bien entendu et peut-être, une conclusion un peu + heureuse!?

  • Steky says:

    That sucks that not make another season, said he would return at the end dragonu Arthur when Merlin some Albion and will not make season 6 chear are stupid.

  • Kyle says:

    Guys im sure they will return with a S 6 if we keep insisting on it and be persistent .. The directors does mention that they want to continue , but its the actors who are not up for it , maybe when they’re fully rested they will return , i certainly hope so . Does any 1 know where their studios are ?

  • georgina says:

    there should be a season 6 because the dragon’s voice at the end of season 5 said that when the time is right the king will rise again …….. so thats my reason why merlin should come back !!!!

  • why does it have to end says:

    i don’t think there is going to be a season 6 cause it will be crap the king just died and its not like there going to make a show about the queen

  • Niamh says:

    it’s so sad that there id no season 6 i had an idea that Arthur came back to the 21st century,and Merlin was explaining EVERYTHING to Artthur!!!!:)

  • Danny Shields says:

    in the end it showed merlin next to where Arthur died, so shouldn’t they start the next season with the United Kingdom or (Albion) at war with itself, then Arthur comes back. Once Merlin finds Arthur, Merlin uses a reverse aging spell on himself. Then the desendents of all the other main characters had the story of their ancestors past down to them, and given the same names. even Morgana, but the good part is that she doesn’t remember anything untill she finds Aithusa in the very same cave that held the Great Dragon.

  • please we need another season! says:

    if we cant keep the same characters then make it about the old characters kids. legends do say that merlin had a daughter named stephenie or something like that. she was half immortal because of her sorcerer father and half mortal because of her human mother. then she went missing so merlin went to look for her, or at least that’s what legend says. Please if any directors or actors are reading this, I beg you and tell you that I think I speak for all the fans of merlin when I say Please we NEED another season, one with a happy ending,and one that keeps our spirits up. Personaly merlin help show me that I don’t need to be afraid, in the end people accept you.

  • seasonsix!!! says:

    season six would be the best idea. I finished watching all of the 5 seasons in 3 days so that I could see what adventures Arthur and merlin go on after merlin reveals his magic, please there has to be a season six!!!!!!!!!

  • Paige Merlinfan says:

    Yea just like Chibichiii, if you want Merlin back join in the efforts being made by the team at More Merlin, all members are working super hard to see that we all get our show back. You can subscribe at http://www.moremerlin.com and you can “LIKE” the facebook page https://www.facebook.com/moremerlin and watch the We Want More Merlin video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lM2xOcXDDu8 over 15,000 views but need more to show Merlin “people” how serious the fans really are!!!

  • Luke says:


  • b says:

    Hope next season is not in the future with cars. I like the whole magic, knight and sword settings. If I wanna watch a show that’s set in the real world I’ll watch supernatural or something

  • Sashagaye Walker- Doman says:

    yes i thirst more merlin and it would be a honor for if there is a season 6, so please let it happen

  • Shannan Jackel says:

    I love this show you have to bring it back and knowing that guinevere is queen there needs to be a little arthur so merlin can protect.. Knowing that Arthur did die… I just really hope you would bring Merlin back… please!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MERLIN says:

    There will be season 6 of merlin

    arthour will come BACK!

    and guen will die

    and he has a kid name arthour


  • Hello says:

    I hope it… Maybe Arthur will live, because Merlin took him to Avalon, the hi’s can heal him or so…

  • I’m dead. I seriously fell in love with this show. And the characters. Arthur CANNOT be dead! It’s impossible. But yet he is. :”( I cried so hard at the end.

  • simo says:

    You need to do a 6th season…..we love Merlin and the actors… please do one more season where Merlin can show his real powers! We want to see the new Camelot and Albion….PRODUCERS>>>ACTORS>>>> you cannot disappoint us so much by stopping at the 5th season with such a sad ending!

  • manderzz says:

    stabbing my face i see that what they’re trying to do. they want to suck out our soul. moffat i’ll eat you for killing this series off -.-

    • ChibiChiii says:

      Hey my friend, you got something a little wrong. Moffat is the writer of Dr. Who ;)

      Julian Murphy and Johnny Caps are the writers of Merlin. And they had to end the series, because our beloved actors wanted to move on with their career.

      I understand it’s sad for us fans, I too miss Merlin and I hated the ending, but who knows what the future will bring us. You can always join the cause at http://moremerlin.com to show your support.

    • ChibiChiii says:

      Sorry to say Tom, it hasn’t really been cancelled but the actors of Merlin have moved on to new Projects.

      You can always join the cause at http://moremerlin.com to show your support to try and get more Merlin in the future.

  • youngjamzz says:

    hey but the dragon said that when the abions need his greatest,authur will rise again
    so there should be a season 6
    or there will be war
    am actually serious

    • ChibiChiii says:

      Sorry mate, but there really won’t be a 6th season in nearby future. I mean who knows what the further future will bring but currently Colin Morgan returned to Theatre and will be performing in The Gobe Theatre in London in the play the Tempest, Katie McGrath is currently in Hungary filming for the new show called Dracula, Angel Coulby is working on the TV series Dancing on the Edge together with Janet MontGomery and Anthony Head. And Bradley James is currently in the USA Playing beach volleyball and sky diving with his Glee friends. So all the actors have moved on and also the producers of Merlin are working on a new show called Atlantis.

    • ChibiChiii says:

      I am afraid there won’t be a 6th season. The 5th season was announced as final, the actors have moved on to different jobs and the producers of Merlin are now working on a new series called Atlantis.

  • Marly says:

    When Sir Arthur Conan Doyle killed off Sherlock, there were protests for so many years until he brought them back. I’m not saying you should protest, but nothing is impossible.

  • sean says:

    I have really enjoyed merlin and it is a shame that it has to end I would have liked it to go on then it would continue where the animated sword in the stone started with merlin coming back from the future, but with mony strain and all , if Merlin had to end it ended very well I was impressed

  • Proshaite says:

    As Merlin’s Father said in the crystal cave there are no goodbyes. There will be a season 6….there has to or else it won’t begin or end.

  • Set says:

    OMG!!! Finally some good news. I already thought that the ending of season 5 left so much opportunity for more episodes and the main plot line.
    *approves too*

  • i so despretly want merlin to return as it show how people fought for there king and queen and would die for them. i would love to see the old cast back for a sixth season even if its now on bbc i would still watch it.

  • Andy 040373 says:

    Have been hanging out for season 6 cant believe its been drop so disappointed in BBC why do you do this all the time with the good shows

  • harlen says:

    Merlin is not only a show but a story that tells those of us that are not well, those that are having hard times, those that are lost, and those that see no hope in the world to have faith in your self and others that there is good in all.

  • xoxo says:

    omg i luv merlin nd now tht it is over i feel a piece of myself has been tooken away with it nd the only way i can get it back is if i watch it over and over again lol merlin will always live nd my heart xoxo best show ever

    • ChibiChiii says:

      I can totally relate to that, same happened to me but problem if I watch it again it now makes me feel sad. Because I know how sad the ending is.

    • ChibiChiii says:

      Sorry Colin Morgan stated on the 3rd of December the movie was only a rumor. They never really planned to make one. Also he said he does not want to do any movies as the movies would only be a reboot of what they’ve already done. he said and I qoute “I think the fans will only be dissapointed by a movie” So no luck there :(

  • julz says:

    please make a season 6 of merlin its a great show and i always look forward to watching it pppplllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssseeeeeeeeeee ty

  • FINGERS says:


  • Jo says:

    Please continue the MERLIN story. Arthur and court have past away, but where does Merlin go, what does he do, between then and ending up in our time,,,,, fill us in please

  • rc says:

    By far the best show I watch on TV. Please do continue on to make S6 and then some. The cast is amazing. I love them all. Do bring back Merlin with it’s original cast if possible.

  • Christian Svärdh says:

    Hope really it comes a season 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and so on.. It´s one of the best series ivé seen… And the end of season 5 was terrible, i almost couldn´t get to sleep the same night ivé seen it.

  • Hamma says:

    Really happy they went for season 6. I look forward to it and thank the cast and everyone else. It’s a great series!

  • slightlynumb says:

    this horrible, i wasted my time yet again with a series. your just going to kill off mad amounts of people and piss off all of your fans bc of money and a goddamn contract. piss off. way to let all of your loyal fans down.i watched you guys from the beginning and now theres no more. we need a season 6 or your all of your work was for nothing. bc that ending was horrible and lame and too sad. why would i ever remember your show if your gonna leave me depressed and in enraged. you led us on to believe we would see merlin and Arthur going on adventures together at last. but either way its called the adventures of merlin so you can bring the show back with just merlin and gwen and so forth. idk just bring it back.

  • I have watch one movie about Arthur returning to our time before ( it had nothing to do with this particular show) and think it would be awesome if the did a season six or oven started a new show based on this one in which Arthur returns in our time. Is there any way this will happen?

    • Never mind I just did more reading. There will not be a thing to fix that terrible end to a show. For 2 seasons I waited for Merlin to tell Arthur who he really is. Then Arthur dies before they can improve the kingdom together. And they give us this mysterious thing with Merlin in out time. What a bunch of bull.

  • You all suck. You make us fall in love with you all and the show just to say you are not going to keep doing it. Do you not care that you have a fan base that loves you. Please reconsider. at least make a rap up movie. COME ON PLEASE

  • Sweden says:

    It must be a season 6 or i DIE !! :O That arthur died can’t be he end not for me !!!! SO PLEASE COME ON :OOO

  • Dodo says:

    we want a season 6 :(((((((( this sucks…arther dies…dunno if magic returns to Camelot…dont kno if the dragon dies…atleast a final movie or sumthin wud be fyn…they cant stop nw :( i will be heartbrokenn!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Marie says:

    WE WANT MERLIN BACK!!!!!!…..Please..PROTEST…PROTEST…..use the PROPHECY of the RETURN of KING ARTHUR!!!! It was fortold…..so we can have series 6 and beyond..we need more of the battle between GOOD and evil..thus GOOD prevails!!!..We need this on our screen..TV…..our only inspiration on this troubled and chaotic world..(speaking of the wars going on)……AMERICA need you Merlin….and surely all over the world!!!!

  • Marie says:

    Pleaseeee…we want season 6 of Merlin…the PROPHECY once fortold of the RETURN of King Arthur when Camelot need him most!!!!>>>and we need him most!! WE want the return of King Arthur PLEASE!!!!!

    • murphyslaw says:

      I usually dont post , but i have to say Merlin is a great show and I would hate to see it go .. would love a season 6 after Arthur finds out merlins sercret and them fighting together side by side and only arthur gias and gwen no his secret now.. Please return Merlin S6 there is just not many Sci-fi shows on these days.. thanks this plea probably wont help but who knows!!

  • ChibiChiii says:

    I don’t think you should be blaming bbc J. The writing of the script which you found so dissapointing. Along with many other fans who share your opinion, including myself. Was done by the writers/producers. Not by BBC.

  • j says:

    with the last season they destroyed the whole series. it was all about how merlin and arthur would fight side by side with arthur eventually knowing merlins secret. and they totally ruined everything und rushed the whole season. they never should have started the series if they just ruin the end. the series was really great, right to the point where the fifth season started. this is a total disappointment to the fans. really great work bbc.

  • Mach says:

    It was a heartbreaking season finale for Arthur fans. Wish it didn’t go that way, it didn’t even show how Arthur will be more extravagant with Merlin on his side now that he knew Merlin’s secret. Hope there’s another season to tell Merlin’s greatness/adventures without Arthur on his side.

  • Sn says:

    1.None of the main actors have any projects for 2013 as imdb shows so they have time to make another season.2.We all like the Merlin series and cannot wait for another season.3.Arthur did not die,he was sent to Avolon to heal from his wounds(Melin does not light the boat on fire as he did with Lancelot).

    • Avatar of
      ChibiChiii says:

      Actually Imdb is updated by non official sources, Colin explained at Cold Con last year that he will have another traject at the end of januari. The actors have worked hard 5 years, and they felt it time to move on to another traject. I’m not happy that season 5 was the end. But who knows maybe we might see them again in the future.

    • Just an big fan says:

      i stand in for your suggestion, like almost everyone else says, it is an amazing series and it would be an great idea for it to go on, thank you atleast for your suggestion and i hope the directors will see this just like many others hopefully will

      • khalilurahman khali says:

        We want a season 6 if not people will be angry. and we want to what will happen in season 6. it is going to be . interesting movie.

      • another fan says:

        I think by not lighting the boat, the writers left this tiny back door for S6 (and more). Smart! Looked like The End, but it may not be….;) It could be a great come back..

  • Lincoln says:


  • Jack Dignan says:

    the final episode was played for the first time tonight here in australia and it was AMAZING! Really wish they made a 6th season but i see no point in. nothing they can do even though merlin is my favourite show of all time :(

  • Sexton35 says:

    there has to be Season 6. because you can add alot more from that ending.Merlin was a big hit. you can make more money keeping it going. With the same Actors and Actresses

  • Pauline says:

    Great disappointment to read there won’t be a 6th season. And that Truck in the finale episode was a complete shock to see!!!! Didn’t fit at all :((((((

  • MerlinLoverFromSaudiArabia says:

    i cry when merlin end its the first tv show make me cry be happy smile i miss it i hope there are season 6 i hope merline. Freya <3

  • Taylor Marsh says:

    I really hope there is a season 6. But I don’t know how they would do it unless Merlin goes back in time. I really hope as I want to know if magic was allowed back in or was it still banned.

    • ChibiChiii says:

      Perhaps with a little bit of luck the extra’s on the DVD’s of season 5 will provide us those answers. As it’s certain by now that there will not be a 6th season.

    • Avatar of
      ChibiChiii says:

      I totally agree with you! Colin Morgan is the heart of the show, but Bradley, Katie and Angel are amazing as well. And let’s not forget Richard Wilson doing an amazing job being the oldie of the show :p

  • Ginger Grace says:

    Author cannot die! You cannot stop making the show with Merlin having told Author (finally) that he has magic and kill Author….There has to be more!! The people want more!! PLEASE!

    • Avatar of
      ChibiChiii says:

      I’m grateful after watching season 5, that they decided to end it. The actors had expressed their concerns of having some rather disturbing plot moments. And I totally understand that now.

  • daniel robinson says:

    if there is no season 6 announced in the next 3 months, i will jump in front of a moving truck on the mississippi River bridge and kill myself.

  • noah says:

    if theres not going to be a season 6 ima be enraged cause the whole point i started watching this show is so i can watch it after merlin has revield his magic to arthurr and all the crazy adventures that they would go on….seriously gunna be sooooo mad and pissd off that i watched this show for nothing

    • ChibiChiii says:

      Sorry to hear that, but there will indeed not be a 6th season. The actors wished to move on to a new challenge. Perhaps Shine or BBC will be making a spin off but this is a very big maybe far in the future.

      • Nkolo Imogen says:

        totally agree.don’t make us watch it for nothing.how can they say that authur is dead just like that. what of the whole albion stuff the dragon mentioned. it’s gonna be useless if it all ends like that.

        • Avatar of
          ChibiChiii says:

          I agree the ending was slightly dissapointing to me as well. As I had hoped to at least see Albion blossom in the free land we were promised. Where Merlin was court sorcerer and truly the most powerful wizard that ever walked the earth. I don’t think this ending did his image justice, showing him as a hopeless homeless person desperate for the return of his king. Poor Merlin…

    • Avatar of
      ChibiChiii says:

      Ah sorry to break it to you neetha, but this post is from july. And last week BBC announced there will not be a 6th season. :( This is the last season ever from Merlin.

  • Natasha says:

    just because there’s other projects doesn’t mean that they want to leave the show. Many actors from many shows work on several projects at once. And with how late Merlin starts filming they could easily
    do both things

  • rtms77 says:

    I’d say it’s a very small possibility. The actor are going to demand a bigger pay raise and I doubt Shine or the BBC want to pay them or have the funds to pay them any more than necessary. Bradly is already in the US looking for work and I’m sure the other will be as well.

      • rtms77 says:

        That article doesn’t really say no or yes, only that they have mused over the idea of continuing. Again I think the pay raise may come into it, and BBC and Shine don’t have the buckets of money that US studios have to keep their actors around for a long time. They all deserve a raise by now, which may either cut down the number of eps we get or kill it all together. I think they are really going to watch the ratings this year on the BBC and the US and then decide if they want to continue, which would dovetail into a shorter season.

        • ChibiChiii says:

          I agree with ya there, the results of season 5 will determine if they will or won’t continue but I don’t think the “raise” your speaking of does our actors right. All the Actors love their job, it’s their passion, I highly doubt that money is the most important part of it. The article shows exactly what it should, that there is no official news about season 6 but that each and every cast member including BBC and Shine themselves would really like to do another season. Which is good news :)

    • joanne says:

      urrrr…………… i’ve been watching frm the begining n nw you say there’s no season 6! what kind of director is this! the ending is really suck….. i want merlin n arthur!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ChibiChiii says:

    The article above does not confirm a season 6, it just states that both BBC and Shine would like to continue the adventure. As to the rumors that the actors should have decided to move on, I’ve found no proof to support these rumors. Quite the opposite in the latest interviews you can read on the site, Angel,Katie, Colin and Bradley all state that they cannot imagine the show going on without them, they still want to be a part of it. So I am considering this merely a fan based rumor and not a truth.
    Whether there will or will not be a season 6 is still in negotiation and will be completely dependable on how well the 5th series will do.

  • malady says:

    The actors have decided to move on rather than renew their contracts and continue with the series. It seems those negotiations have failed. Season 5 is the last season.

      • malady says:

        Eoin Macken has taken the lead in a show in the States on NBC. One of the main knights left in the middle of the season (you’ll see that play out on this weeks episode) Rupert has taken series on BBC that will air next year, and Tom has been cast in another show as well. So all the knights are gone and committed to other projects. Angel and Katie have taken roles in other programs, and Colin said he had another project in the works at cold con. Not to mention the comments made at Cold Con about the lack of back story for the characters and writing it’s not difficult to read between the lines. Really does their need to be a source at this point? This is the last season.

          • ChibiChiii says:

            Sorry No error here, Colin Morgan returns to Theatre Globe. Doing a Sharespear production for several months. Angel, Anthony and Janet have all been cast for the series Dancing on the Edge, Eoin and Ruper have new projects too. The season 6 movies you might have seen are most likely fanmade. They are to show the producers we would like to have a 6th season. But the chances are very unlikely.

    • Yirmin says:

      Of course they could pull a Doctor Who and simply replace the actors that don’t want to continue and move onwards… Might be a way to eliminate some of the bad casting decisions like the gwen character.

  • Ivyteainn says:

    I’ve heard different. I heard the BBC and Shine want it, but not the actors.So can this story be verified?